Mastery Journal - April 2017

This month’s studies were incredibly useful, relevant, and timely for ongoing activities with my client and other aspects of my business. Event planning is essential in the public relations world. Knowing how to design an event to meet your clients’ needs and specifically target their audiences is a difficult task if you do not know what you are looking for. These skills are an art form, tempered in research. They can be time consuming; however, success can be rewarding. Here is a for instance.

My client, VntiDope, has been playing different shows and venues. He took a break from his residency to work on events and festivals. During the course of his planning, VntiDope put me in contact with a DJ working to put on a festival on May 6. They asked my advice regarding the festival and how to coordinate it, as neither of them have significant experience with planning large scale events. Within minutes, I showed them this month’s proposal from class, explained the importance of areas to focus on, and was fully integrated into working and playing in the festival. I have since written a press release for the event, created promotional materials, and earned the respect of over 20 DJs playing the festival. This also afforded me significant networking opportunities.

The exciting part is that other DJs and promoters are noticing my work on the PR side of the house. That offers a service few DJs can provide. While it may not get me steady PR firm placement, this does allow me to do independent contract work for the industry. I was also offered a DJ residency based on people who have heard me play through this process.

The discipline required in the entertainment industry is more substantial than most aspiring artists realize. For musicians, the image must be presented in as professional matter as the sound. This month has further helped me promote the professional image my client and I need to be successful in our symbiotic endeavors.

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