Mastery Journal - June 2017

My class this month was Online Media Room. I did not know what to expect in this course. I expected I would perhaps learn to run an online news service for my client; however, I was greatly mistaken.

This month’s course focused on compiling information and resources for the press. I studied different companies’ media rooms to determine what practices were acceptable to customers. There was more information to process than I realized, and I was shocked to find many profitable companies were not as good at providing centralized information as I expected.

Additionally, this month I compiled the information I put together for my client. I created a campaign snapshot video, built a proper online media room, and created a social media report. The information became instantly apparent to my client. He was already impressed by the results of my campaign, and he was amazed at how much work and research went into the campaign once he saw the media room. While the details have not been finalized, he wants to permanently bring me on with the organization.

The most exciting part of this month was seeing my client exceed his goals. My client exceeded his goal by 133%. This is exciting for any business, especially for a DJ and event planning service. Exposure becomes viral in the DJ world. Demonstrating success leads to people posting pictures of the events. That leads to other DJs and vendors wanting to work with my client, and this process allowed my customer to open a club. I am excited because I was part of this experience. I helped make this happen, and it is a sense of accomplishment.

I also contributed to my classmates’ success stories through our discussion forums. I am excited to see my peers’ talents. I learned something more about my process each time I critiqued a peer. I figure it is important to take every opportunity to improve. I am excited for my last class and graduation. This journey is getting ready to begin, and I am excited to see what I can do as I become more proficient in this process. The public relations world needs to be ready for a publicist with a new perspective, and they better be ready.

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