Mastery Journal - March 2017

Media Relations was an interesting class. While I expected to be more involved with the creative process, I did not realize how significantly dependent upon my client my results for this class could be based. This provided a significant challenge, but I am pleased with the overall results. 

In addition to being a student, I am a father of five beautiful daughters, I work a full time job, and I produce music and DJ. My primary client for school is a DJ. His schedule varies drastically from mine, and, based on his schedule, we were unable to meet until the last minute.

This provided substantial challenges since the editing process was extensive. While I am happy with the results, I am not happy with the overall commitment I am seeing during these developmental phases of our campaign together. I am sure things will turn around; however, this leaves me a little concerned.

The take away is to develop contingency plans that can meet the necessary obligations. In a real world scenario, the client would assume the risk by not being punctual. In this situation, it affects my grade.

The class was exceptional. It met my expectations, and I learned a lot of the crucial pieces for the press kit and methods of representing my client. I dare say it exceeded my expectations. I hope things improve with my client’s availability, but only time will tell.

I encountered different and additional difficulties with uploading my work to YouTube based on technical requirements. That was difficult because all of my work has fit before. YouTube requires some videos to be under 15 minutes. That is alarming while you are working on an assignment. I plan to find an alternate solution for future classes.

Thank you for reading. Cheers!

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