Mastery Journal Update: October 2016

This month has come and gone, leaving little time for reflection, but here it is. Stories in public relations are malleable, lumps of clay, begging to be shaped. Some of the sculpting is round, while other features are sharp. There can be a defined structure in vague language so long as it delivers the intended message. Identifying the audience and importance of a story is essential to writing every story. Without an audience, a story becomes nothing more than a diary (or journal, if you are sensitive to that sort of thing).

The point is, I learned to frame my writing in a way that will help others see the perspective I am trying to convey. Clear writing is necessary, and I will continue to develop my writing skills. This class provided that insight, and I learned what I expected. I look forward to learning about the legal aspects of public relations and writing for media. This will likely address some of the ethical dilemmas I may face in my career. I look forward to this. Until my next update, cheers!

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