Mastery Journey Update - September 2016

The all-encompassing “we” that makes up the internet can be thought of as a sea of random, faceless consumers; never eating or sleeping unless the message you send them is to eat or sleep. They hang off every word you write, waiting for your next moment of profound inspiration, of which they are increasingly jealous because you are a genius. You are magical, rarely crying—tears made of rainbows, pots of gold and generous leprechauns included. 

Then again, you could be that prolific writer, in your own mind, who has a gift for most things musical and polysyllabic—loving to write about your experiences and grammar-be-d— maybe that’s too far. 

The point is simple. Don’t be either of those people. Those aren’t the marks of an excellent public relations (PR) professional. They do not exist because none of that exists. 

PR professionals must find a way to connect to their audiences; otherwise, they may be full of ideas no one is paying attention to, hearing, reading, or giving a first thought to, much less a second. The idea that someone could take your proverbial baby, one you slaved to birth, nurture, and nourish, and click “like” without taking a second to “share” their joy in seeing it with their friends or taking a moment to “comment” how wonderful your progeny, and you by extension, is, can be heartbreaking, but whose fault is that? It is your fault. 

Perhaps you brought your baby to a library or a funeral. That goes over as well as any “________ in church” comment. It doesn’t. Worse yet, maybe your baby is ugly. No one wants to tell you your idea is horrible. This is possible, but you need to realize not every kid has a face for the media. Your kid might be one of those kids. 

Here are the takeaways: 

1. Realistically identify your audience. 

2. Set realistic goals for your message or idea. 

3. Identify the appropriate times and places for your message. 

4. Do not be afraid to make changes to your message or idea. 

Those may be graphic descriptions, but the mission is a success if your audience connects. Cheers!

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