Q: How did VntiDope decide to become a DJ?

A: VntiDope began listening to electronic dance music (EDM) in 2014. He drew his

initial influence from Daft Punk and Justice. VntiDope truly became inspired to get

involved with EDM after watching Disney’s Tron Legacy. The integration of music

with visual effects captivated him and inspired him to do more.


Q: How did VntiDope choose his name?

A: VntiDope’s stage name was originally “AntiDope”. He liked the idea Apple had with

the iPhone and iMac naming conventions, but he still wanted to make it his own.

VntiDope also saw the effects, first-hand, of hardcore drugs on people his age. He

took his first name, Anthony, and made a play on words to create AntiDope. This

helped him show others you could enjoy the EDM experience without drugs. It also

demonstrated his firm position against drugs. VntiDope changed the first letter of his

name in 2017, to help demonstrate new changes, renewed focus, and growth.


Q: How did VntiDope start DJing?

A: VntiDope first started playing at a Tampa club, The Orpheum. His experience at The

Orpheum allowed him to land other gigs. He took the opportunity to grow and

develop, looking at the environment for ways to duplicate and improve the overall

party experience. He focused on the atmosphere, and he continues to throw

impromptu parties between his shows because everyone should have a place where

they feel welcome.


Q: How did VntiDope start Manifestation Events?

A: VntiDope came up with the name Manifestation Events based on his dreams. He

wanted to play at the Amphitheater prior to it burning down. As the Amphitheater

began its rebuilding process, VntiDope received a message from the club’s resident

DJ, Dan Winta, asking him if he wanted to play a set on his birthday, July 8, 2016.

That is when the name came to him, manifesting from his dream, and VntiDope

continues to build on that dream.


Q: What is Manifestation Events about?

A: Manifestation Events is about positive energy, and that energy spreads when each

person treats others with respect, shares good and bad times, and has a good time

while planning the next move to expand.


Q: How has Manifestation Events grown?

A: Manifestation Events continues to grow. In the first two weeks after establishing a

Facebook profile, the page gained 431 followers and reached over 2,000 users,

organically. VntiDope attributes this to each member having the same goals for the

organization, and the energy behind those goals is infectious.


Q: Who makes up Manifestation Events?

A: The members of Manifestation Events come from different backgrounds. Each

person brings something to the organization, but the main characteristic is a

willingness to contribute. VntiDope has known some of the key members for years,

while others joined within the past month. Manifestation Events works with each

other because they want to be there, with a family of friends.


Q: When does Manifestation Events meet?

A: Manifestation Events keeps contact with all of its members through an ongoing

chatroom. This allows everyone to stay up to date, but it gives the members a

chance to interact throughout the day in a positive way.


Q: When and where is Manifestation Events's next function?

A: Manifestation Events is hosting its next show Metamorphosis at club Metamorphosis on

June 17. The event will have two different stages including four DJs on the

mainstage and five DJs on the patio. The event will include DJs from outside of

Manifestation Events to help build on their dreams, giving back to the local



Q: What is Manifestation Events planning in the future?

A: Manifestation Events is working hand-in-hand with Hourglass Productions to bring

original music to the EDM world. Each DJ has their own style, and Manifestation

expects to release a few surprises in 2017 as it continues to expand its reach.