Rez Vidal is the stage name of electronic music producer and artist Ruben Rosario. 

Rez believes music is a universal form of communication, expressing thoughts and feelings through tones, even when words can’t express the depth of emotion.

“Music is and always has been my release.  I couldn’t always express what I thought or felt with words because my family demanded respect, and some of my thoughts were not always respectful.  Music gave me a way to share my feelings through a creative outlet, and I enjoy sharing my music with people who feel music.”

Rez uses music to express himself, and he enjoys conversations with those who experience emotion through music.  He started his musical journey learning flute and saxophone, and later continued his musical journey through voice, piano, guitar, and bass. He continued creating music to share his feelings and to positively impact his listeners.

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What makes your music better than someone else’s music?

Not One Damn Thing

With music, it’s not about competition. It’s about different. Everything is so cookie cutter when I turn on the radio. 
I like to work outside the box of the normal constraints, letting listeners experience my feelings and thoughts through the harmonies and melodies, the rhythm

I promise you different music and a variety of styles. Like my upcoming project with Wolfpack, Wala-Wala, Church FightWe’re releasing our first track in this collaboration, with more to follow.