A Rainbow Shitting Unicorn?!?!?

I’m in my jeep, riding with my family to pick up the rest of our daughters, and I realized I have a lot for which to be thankful. Sometimes it’s just that I woke up on this side of the…


Mastery Journal - July 2017

Ladies and gentleman, this is the last mastery journal I will post. I say that because my degree program is nearing its end. I graduate August 4, and I am excited. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



Mastery Journal - June 2017

My class this month was Online Media Room. I did not know what to expect in this course. I expected I would perhaps learn to run an online news service for my client; however, I was greatly mistaken.



Mastery Journal - May 2017

This month’s course was Reputation Management Strategies. The course met and exceeded my expectations when looking back at my original goals. I wanted to:

1)    Identify potential risks to my client’s reputation;

2)    Plan ways to mitigate those risks…

Music on My Mind, Ep. 005 

Here's a new DJ mix for you all. Check the tracks, and enjoy. Share the music with your friends, and get a free download from my music page

Track Artist



Light My Body Up (Tujamo…


Mastery Journal - April 2017

This month’s studies were incredibly useful, relevant, and timely for ongoing activities with my client and other aspects of my business. Event planning is essential in the public relations world. Knowing how to design an event to meet your clients’…

Revenue in Music: What Income Are You Missing?

The Revenue in Music Webinar, presented by Ruben Rosario (aka Rez Vidal), is to help independent musicians become aware of some of the income sources many indie artists overlook. These include the following: 

  • Music Sales (Physical vs…

Revenue Streams in Music

Where is Your Music Career Going? 

Independent musicians and DJs face several challenges as they create and release their music. The music market is oversaturated due to the ease with which people can post music online. This creates extraneous noise for would be fans to sift through, and for this and many other reasons I want to help you.


Mastery Journal - March 2017

Media Relations was an interesting class. While I expected to be more involved with the creative process, I did not realize how significantly dependent upon my client my results for this class could be based. This provided a significant challenge…