Funny Memes I Found, December 9, 2017

In my routine quest to stave off boredom, I searched the inter webs (if that’s how people are saying it now, I think it’s funny ?)  to find materials I deemed funny enough to share, so I could write an obscenely long runon sentence, all the while fighting my OCD tendencies, urging me to correct this English teacher’s nightmare of a sentence, which is actually oddly enjoyable despite the off putting way it should feel— perhaps a self admission of being slightly sadistic, coupled with an unhealthy dose of masochism, since I’m kind of enjoying my attempt to endure this exercise in a screwed-up attempt at communication. The messed up thing is I didn’t lose track of what I was saying. I did, however, realize I was rambling. My search for humor turned up these memes, and I put them together in a video for you. I hope you like them, and share them with your friends. Cheers. 

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