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Mastering the Art of Music Promotion

Mastering the Art of Music Promotion


You’ve just finished recording your latest release. It’s now available on all major streaming platforms, yet your audience is nearly nonexistent. What can you do? In today’s digital age, music promotion has become as…

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Check out my newest project, Wala-Wala. It’s a collaboration with DJ and producer WolfPack. 

Church Fight is available exclusively for two weeks on Spotify starting October 30, 2020. The World Release is Friday the 13th of November 2020! …

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A Dance Floor filled with the Sounds of Blood...

The lights dim, and the crowd murmurs as he takes the stage. The familiar house beat—four on the floor, accented with snare and hi-hats, comes in, driven by the familiar bass that sets the tone and mood of his brand…

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Funny Memes I Found, December 9, 2017

In my routine quest to stave off boredom, I searched the inter webs (if that’s how people are saying it now, I think it’s funny ?)  to find materials I deemed funny enough to share, so I could write an…

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Making Strides… A Decision and the One 

One… After pouring out my heart and making myself vulnerable… My post got great impressions, lots of likes and positive feedback, a few reposts, AND one person downloaded my track for free?!?!?! Awesome! 

That is one more person who…

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Music on My Mind, Ep. 005 

Here's a new DJ mix for you all. Check the tracks, and enjoy. Share the music with your friends, and get a free download from my music page

Track Artist



Light My Body Up (Tujamo…

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Revenue Streams in Music

Where is Your Music Career Going? 

Independent musicians and DJs face several challenges as they create and release their music. The music market is oversaturated due to the ease with which people can post music online. This creates extraneous noise for would be fans to sift through, and for this and many other reasons I want to help you.

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Music on My Mind, Ep. 004 

Rez Vidal back with a Dubstep Mix, brought to you by Hourglass Productions and Manifestation Empire. Listen, Share, and Enjoy. Find us on Facebook, and like us to keep the party going. Cheers.Schedule

Music on My Mind Ep. 003 

Music on My Mind, with a mix by ZigZag. As always, brought to you by Hourglass Productions and Manifestation Empire. Find us on Facebook. Like, share, and subscribe for more hot mixes. This is Dubstep to melt your face off…Read more

Music on My Mind, Ep. 002 

Music on My Mind. Here is quick house mix for you with Rez Vidal, brought to you by Hourglass Productions and Manifestation Empire. This is 15 minutes to get you going. Enjoy, share, and party safely. Cheers!ScheduleSchedule

VntiDope... A DJ with Energy to Share

Check out VntiDope. EDM has been waiting for something new. The cookie-cutter DJs are out. Energy that keeps on going is here to stay. VntiDope... his energy is like you want to stay, always high.   

Subscribe and share. More updates…

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Quick -N- Dirty 001 

An EDM mix to party with. Listen to some house music, and enjoy the vibe. Subscribe and share. Cheers!ScheduleScheduleSchedule