Mastery Journal - July 2017

Ladies and gentleman, this is the last mastery journal I will post. I say that because my degree program is nearing its end. I graduate August 4, and I am excited. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


My final class was Public Relations: Final Project and Thesis. The class sounded like it was going to be simple. I figured I would compile the final results of my capstone project and put together my thesis. I was right, but there were some key lessons that helped me add something extra to my website. These lessons focused on web optimization and ease of use. This was reminiscent of my first bachelor degree (Technical Writing), but the application was practical and immediately useful.

One of the assignments required me to edit my website based on best practices and usability. I adjusted my fonts and topic placements. I adjusted the color scheme, and I was inspired to compose a new music track: Dark Nebula (Space Vampires), because of the movies I watched when I first studied basic web design. 


The class was an overall success. I am much more confident about public relations than I was before the program. I can put together a social media marketing plan better than I previously could have imagined. My new knowledge even allowed me to network while at the Tampa Bay Comic Con. This was exciting because I found a like-minded musician who is trying to build awareness for local artists in Pasco County, FLA. 

I am also encouraged by some of the outstanding work and design my classmates implemented in their projects and assignments. The hands-on approach to learning the material was excellent. The program is not perfect, but it beats a strictly traditional classroom setting.

I can without a doubt call myself a public relations professional. My work speaks for itself. I worked with multiple real clients throughout my program because others saw the results and growth for my primary client. I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have the guidance from my professors and mentors. I am blessed beyond words for the support of my wife and five daughters. I am grateful for this opportunity to develop my PR skills and portfolio.

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Thank you for following me throughout this journey, and may the real journey begin now. Cheers.

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